Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Peer Groups Are An Answer

They may not be an answer for everything, but they are an answer for some of the questions out there.  I have seen business leaders seek help with financial questions, sales questions, service delivery questions and much more, all to be helped by peer groups.  Sitting around a table of your peers who understand what is going on in your world (or at least pretty close) to listen, give advice, and not let you lie to yourself can mean a world of difference.
Last week I watched a lot of business owners and leaders come together to help each other succeed in business and life.  It is incredible to watch a new member watch the help that is given with no expectations in return.  It does make you remember that in the end, we can only win as a team.
Will it work for everyone - no.  Can it make a difference - yes.  If you haven't tried one yet find one that can offer what you need and give it a try (or check out HTG Peer Groups if you would like).

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

What's Happening Now

So guess it is time for an update.  It has been busy here since my last post.  Biggest item is I have changed 
jobs.  After 20 years at OXEN (HTS and SCCI included) I have made the jump, kind of.  I went back to my
 roots (the guy who originally hired me, Arlin Sorensen) and went to his peer group organization, HTG.  I
 made this move about 3 weeks ago and it has been pretty bitter sweet.  I love my new job and everyone I
 get to work with (check it out here but I miss the old crew too (no I'm 
not making a crack about their age).  There comes a time in everyone's life that a change is needed.  I 
wasn't waking up any more with the fire needed to be a good salesperson.  We all know that you go 
through phases in sales where things aren't going well.  You need to break the cycle and take a day or two
 off.  After that you come back with new energy and ready to face it all again.  BUT sometimes that doesn't
 work, and that is where I was at in my life.  I will be talking more about what HTG does, but it is an 
awesome feeling to be excited about what I do again.  Change is needed and you need to be strong
 enough to do it - even if it makes you feel uncomfortable.